Do you have a passion for working with children? ✅

Do you have a flexible schedule? ✅

Do you have 3 years of childcare experience and recent references? ✅

Do you want the security of working with an agency? ✅

We are currently seeking reliable, responsible, creative, fun, engaging, and loving temporary, occasional and on-call babysitters for home/hotel/event based services.

Serving NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of the Bronx. Minimum hourly of $15 with a 4 hour minimum.

Contact us at [email protected] for more info!

Pinch Sitters unequivocally stands in solidarity with those fighting against racism, police brutality, and the historical oppression of the Black community.

As schools and daycares remain closed, many parents are struggling to find reliable childcare while working from home full time.  In addition to this balancing act, is an added concern for health and social distance.

Luckily, in today’s tech-driven world, these things no longer have to be mutually exclusive.  Caregivers can still provide engaging, entertaining, and much needed care virtually.  Contact us to find out how we can help with tutoring, exercise, games, story time, virtual field trips and more!

Happy National Babysitter’s Day to all of the sitters who’ve cared for so many children of all ages. Here’s a lovely thank you and reminder to parents for the valuable gift that sitters have added to the peace, richness, and life of all families.

All Hail National Babysitter’s Day

Childcare providers during the coronavirus pandemic. As we fight Covid-19, Pinch Sitters is helping families connect to high-quality childcare. With schools closed and parents working from home, let us know if we can help with online/remote learning, entertaining, and caring for your kids. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any request!

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Since Pinch Sitters opened in 1986 as the first temporary child care agency in New York City, we have been featured in many guidebooks, magazine articles, online forums/blogs; we’ve won accolades and awards; and we have stellar reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and the like.

I receive many inquiries on how to begin a similar business and conduct many business consultations. Since taking over the business in 2000, I have been in charge of all daily operations and aspects of running the agency.

If you have any questions with respect to start-up costs, recruitment/hiring, fee setting/collection, marketing, advertising, or general business operations, I am available via phone and/or email for your needs as a consultant!
Lisa Magaro  —  212-260-6005  —  [email protected]

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Here’s essential information every babysitter should have:

Contact information for you and your partner — Home phone, work phone, and cell phone numbers, as well as the number at the place you’ll be (restaurant, friends’ house, etc.). Tell your sitter not to open the door to anyone she’s not expecting, and warn her if anyone will be stopping by or calling.

Emergency contact information — This includes fire, police, doctor, poison control, and hospital numbers. If your children have specific medical insurance numbers, provide those as well.
(It’s also smart to designate one or two neighbors, friends, or relatives as local contacts. Leave their names, numbers, and addresses. That way your sitter has someone to turn to in case of miscellaneous mishaps, such as a pet that gets loose or a power outage.)

Medical information — If your child has any allergies or other medical conditions, or needs to take medication, tell your sitter about it in advance. Also inform her of any additional health problems — such as a bad case of diaper rash or a tendency to spit up food.

Food and drink list — Don’t leave this to chance. Your sitter may not be aware of foods that pose choking hazards. Leave specific instructions outlining what your baby can and can’t eat and drink.

Activity schedule — Your baby will feel more comfortable sticking to his usual routine, so let your sitter know what time he eats his meals, what time he goes to bed, and how his bedtime routine works. (If you usually read to him from a particular book, for example, let her know that.) Your sitter should know about any special words for favorite toys or security objects.

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