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Pinch Sitters is an agency with over 35 years experience providing on-call, temporary, occasional, and emergency childcare.

All of the sitters have at least 3 years of childcare experience and at least 2 recent childcare references. Although they are varied in their interests and experience, they are all reliable and trusted caregivers. Each Pinch Sitter is dependable, prompt, and responsible. Every sitter has the highest level of professionalism and gives children devoted attention, energy and warmth.

There is no fee if you cancel with more than 24 hours notice.  With less than 24 hours notice, the cancellation fee is $50.  With less than 4 hours notice, the minimum booking fee is charged ($120).

We’ve already done that for you!  As a part of the application process, each sitter provides at least 2 recent references. Each sitter is personally interviewed by the owner of the agency and submits to a full criminal, background, and social media check.

The sitters are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and the children with respect to play, meals, baths etc.  They are not required to do laundry, errands, cleaning, shopping, or pet care. Sitters are not allowed to leave a child once on the job.

All of the sitters have been fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

Most of the sitters have had first aid and CPR training.

Families may request any type of specific requirement for their sitter.

Once a family requests a sitter or completes the online registration form, the agency will be in contact to answer any questions. Sitters are then personally matched to each booking request according to the sitter’s experience and any specific booking requirements. Families are contacted in advance of the booking with the sitter’s name (their picture/profile is on the website).

At the end of each booking, sitters are paid by the family directly ($30/hour, with a 4 hour minimum).  After the 4 hour minimum, sitters are paid for each 1/2 hour ($15/half hour), not every 15 minutes.  Before 7am, and after 10pm, a $20 travel surcharge is added.  Clients are asked to pay their sitter in cash or via electronic payment (Venmo, Zelle, CashApp). Receipts are provided upon request.

Tipping is at your discretion and always appreciated!  If you feel that your sitter went above and beyond, tipping is a way to show the sitter thanks.

Families may always request a specific sitter! The more in advance you book a sitter, the better chance you have of reserving a favorite!  If you don’t have a specific sitter to request, the agency will match you with the perfect sitter for your family’s needs!

You are not required to buy the sitter meals.  However, if the sitter is working a long day or during lunch/dinner hours, we hope you understand that the sitter has to eat!  Sitters will bring/buy their own meals (unless requested not to).  Offering snacks or beverages is always appreciated!

If you still have a question, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.
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